1925: Walter P. Chrysler reorganizes Maxwell Motor Co. into Chrysler Corp.

1928: Chrysler acquires Dodge Bros.

1950: Chrysler establishes Missile Division for engineering and production for the U.S. Army's Ordnance Guided Missile Center at the Redstone Arsenal.

1959: Chrysler re-designates the project as the Space Division, and becomes Marshall Space Flight Center's prime contractor, designing fuel tanks for the Apollo program.

1967: Chrysler expands to Europe, attaining majority stock in the British Rootes Group, Simca of France and Barreiros of Spain.

1971: Chrysler buys 15% stake in Mitsubishi.

1978: Chrysler sells Chrysler Europe assets to PSA Peugeot Citroen.

1979: Congress approves Loan Guarantee Act with $1.5 billion in federal loans to Chrysler in the largest federal bailout at that time.

1982: Chrysler sells its defense business to General Dynamics for less than $350 million.

1984: Chrysler acquires stake in Maserati.

1985: Chrysler buys Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. for $637 million.

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