Choosing an ATV that best suits you may be dependent on a lot of factors. You may prefer a big all-terrain vehicle but your budget says otherwise. Sometimes, a 250cc chinese atv fits you just fine. Others who go on dirt tracks and mountain roads may want a 900cc engine for their ATVs because of the much-needed power to trek slippery roads and muddy pits.


Whichever way you go, you can never go wrong with owning an ATV. We listed some of the kinds of ATVs that can help you decide on what ATV to buy.


Kinds of ATVs


Here are the kinds of ATVs that you may consider for your next vehicle purchase:


Sport ATVs



These are the most common ATVs that are sold in the market. Just as the name implies, sport ATVs cater to customers who love driving on rough and rocky terrains. People who drive sport ATVs are thrill-seekers. They want their ride fast. They slide and swerve.


If you are to drive a sport ATV today, you should consider the engine that you will buy. A huge engine offers more power to drive on those difficult tracks in the mountains. You may also want to pick the ATV with good handling and adequate suspension.


A 250cc chinese atv sport type is good enough for basic travel and driving on lakes, rivers, and rough roads. But if you want bigger engines, there are also models available.


Utility ATVs


If you want power on your ATVs but not as fast as sport variants, then your choice should be utility ATVs. This is because you are going to use this not for sports or races but for doing heavy work. You can use these utility vehicles for hauling or plowing.


They may not be as agile or strong as sport ATVs but they do what they are supposed to do. Because of the lower speeds that they reach, maintenance is also less compared to sport ATVs.


Side-by-side ATVs



You may have seen varieties of side-by-side ATVs. These kinds of ATVs have four seats- two in front and two at the back. They look pretty much like your normal vehicle or jeep but smaller. Instead of the usual handlebars that are used to steer most ATVs, side-by-side ATVs have steering wheels and foot pedals.


Side-by-side ATVs offer more protection to the passengers because they are all inside the vehicle. You can drive this kind of ATV in different climates and terrains as well. You can still use it on snow, during heavy rains, on sand, and desert.


Youth ATVs



Youths no longer have to wait on the sidelines as they watch adults play and have fun. ATV manufacturers have produced small-sized ATVs for kids. Children that are as young as four years old can start riding ATVs and driving on offroad terrains.


Since children do not know how to drive, youth ATVs have automatic clutches for easier handling. Parents can enjoy driving ATVs along with their kids by getting them youth ATVs.


Be sure to get the right size for your child. Because of the varying sizes available for kids, it is best to bring your child when buying his first youth ATV. This ensures that he fits perfectly well in the driver’s seat.




ATVs or all-terrain vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. It all boils down to your preferences. No matter what you choose, always remember to be safe when driving your ATV. Wear the proper gear and do not forget to follow ATV safety rules.

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