Corning Inc. is making slow progress winning automakers to its Gorilla Glass, a thinner, lighter material that has been used on billions of cellphones, touch screens and other devices over the past decade.

But the supplier says new applications are in the works that will allow it to expand its automotive position. The Corning, N.Y., glassmaker expects to double its automotive business by 2023, up from $1.3 billion last year — and Gorilla Glass is part of the plan.

Last month, it announced the development of a hybrid aftermarket windshield that uses the lightweight Gorilla Glass along with traditional annealed glass through a partnership with Hyperformance Glass Products. The hybrid windshield, designed to be a more flexible, thinner and stronger product, will supply Ford F-series pickup owners.

Several more vehicle applications are planned for the hybrid glass next year, according to Corning. They include multipanel windows and ultralightweight windows.

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