Many car owners are familiar with this thing. Its main function is to shield the rain when it rains so that the car can open windows for ventilation. But many people will ask is the weather shields useful? Which kind of weather shields is better to use? How effective can it be?

Basically, Japanese cars are equipped with weather shields. But European cars or American cars are not installed them. And some are not installed in other countries. So does this weather shield work?

In fact, we refer to a kind of car product. We can use it in rainy and sunny days. It is a synthetic resin or engineering plastic protruding strip on the top edge of a car window. The weather shield can effectively prevent rain or strong wind from directly blowing into the car. And it can improve the ventilation efficiency. We can open the windows when driving in the rain. This can prevent the windows from fogging.

The main function of weather shield is kept out the rain. Maybe some people don’t understand, why do you need to keep out the rain in the car? That is because when it rains, especially after the rain in summer, the temperature outside the car drops rapidly. At this time, if you do not open the window, the temperature drop in the car will be much slower. In this way, the moisture in the air inside the car will easily condense on the car glass. This will make the driver can’t see the road outside the car. Thus, affecting driving.

At this time, the role of weather shield is very important. You can open the car window a small slit. The rain shield is blocked on the window to cover the rain. And then you can open the window. But I want to remind you that you can only open a little slit. Or, if you drive too far, the rain will still enter the car. At this time, you can open the window with the weather shield. It will make the temperature in the car drops rapidly. Avoiding condensation of water vapor on the car windows, and ensuring safe driving.

The weather shield has the function of blocking sunlight. If you do not open the windows and just turn on the air conditioner in the hot summer, the air in the car cannot convection with the outside air. It is bad for your health. When you open the window, the sun will shine again and dazzle the eyes. With the weather shield, you can open fewer windows. With its shelter, the sun will not directly hit in the car.

The quality of the weather shield is mainly in two aspects.

One is the material of weather shield. Some are plastic and some are synthetic resin. The quality of the resin is higher in terms of thickness and flexibility.

The second is the glue for weather shield. Some low-quality glues may not stick firmly or tightly. And rainwater will flow down the cracks in heavy rain. As for the wind noise, there is no big difference before and after installation.

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